Sapphire Rose, Purple Sapphire

Sapphire Rose, Purple Sapphire

Sapphire presents a very varied palette of colors. There are pink sapphire, purple sapphire, sunset red sapphire, white sapphire, yellow sapphire

In this article about gems and precious stones I am going to talk about the sapphire Rose and purple Sapphire.

According to the intensity of the color, you can see more details on the same subject.

These gems exist in pastel pink shades as well as darker shades, which are closer to the rubies and carry in their name or description the prefixes of fuse or magenta to name them.

There are some of these varieties of sapphire that are directly ruby. In this debate, even the ICA (International Colored Gemstone Association) has intervened.

The most common form in which these gems are found is the oval size or the shape of the magazine, which is how you can best appreciate its qualities. Although they can also be found in other forms, as with all precious stones.

The most frequent places of origin are Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Thailand.

As for the variety of purple sapphire, the historical name of this gem is “oriental amethyst”. However, in the difference of the Amethyst. However, you have to compare the stones in beauty. As with the sapphire Rosa, I refer purple, it desists in several shades that are darker or lighter and close to the reddish tones. The value of these stones is based more on the personal taste of each one.