Sell Emeralds and Gemstones with Emerald Exchange Announces the Gemstones and Collectibles Blog 05/02/2015 The began a blog called Gemstones & Collectibles Blog on February 1st 2015 to write and blog about gems, jewelry and collectibles.

The blog will be dedicated to all aspects of high value gemstones, art, antiques, coins and gold pocket watches. It will also include stories and insights about the gem miners in Colombia, Brazil, Thailand and Zambia etc.

If a rare piece of art is found in a garage sale this will be written about! A rare coin cache find in a field in the United Kingdom will be news too. The sunken shipwrecks with emeralds, jewels, coins and art will be researched. The largest gems ever found and dealers in the industry will be news for the blog too.

The welcomes guest writers and other bloggers to write and post on this blog forum anything to do with travel to mine areas, their experiences in the gem trade or even if they found a collectible in a garage sale that turned out to be a work of art or of high value. All contributions will be welcomed.